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My Secret Possession (Kinkyfodder Chronicles #2)

By J.M. Witt

Release Date: January 31, 2017

Heather McDonald. He saved me, my son, when I was destitute and barely able to make ends meet. I’m a dutiful wife, a working mom, but even my job was something he gave me. I owe him the world, I owe him my devotion, I owe him the truth… I don’t love him anymore, not sure I ever did.

Jared wants me to choose, I need to choose, but he needs to choose, too. If only it was that simple.

Meredith Nichols. I’m happy, I’m independent, I’ve come so far. But I feel like I’m losing the man who helped me discover myself, my soul, my happiness, my purpose outside of being a mom. Can Gregor and I find our way back to each other or will Jared become more than a distraction?

I want Gregor to choose, he needs to choose, but I need to choose, too. If only it was that simple.

I am his secret, his serenity.
I am his submissive.
He was My Secret Possession.

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Momma’s Review

My Secret PossessionMy Secret Possession by J.M. Witt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My Review of My Secret Possession by J.M. Witt
My Rating 4.5 Stars
This is the second on this series and I can honestly say It was so much more than I expected.
Meredith’s story is raw and emotional. For Meredith Loving two men isn’t easy and the outcome wasn’t what I expected…Only hoped!!
Gregor and Meredith, Jared and Heather, these characters make you love them, want to take a crop to all their arse’s! I enjoyed the journey the author takes us on within these pages and it was a amazing! Can’t wait for what’s in store next!
Readers Copy Voluntarily read in exchange for an honest review for Hellmouth’s Bookblog & Reviews**.

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My Secret Submission (Kinkyfodder Chronicles #1)

Available Now

A new standalone novel about a taboo romance. Forbidden desires, stolen moments, and secret submissions just the beginning.

My submission, Your demand
Your wish, My command

Meredith Nichols. I’m the epitome of a good wife and a good mom. I’m President of the PTA, I volunteer in my children’s classrooms, and I moonlight as a freelance editor for romance authors. No one suspects what secret desires lurk below the surface, except my husband. I’ve openly tried to persuade him to join me in my fantasies, but he’s refused over and over again.

Then, I met Gregor Thompson. Our worlds collided one fateful day and there was no turning back. He’s a mystery, intriguing, dominant, and has the same struggles at home that I do. He’s opened my mind to the possibility that my fantasies can indeed be met and that he’s the man to mentor me. He’s infiltrated my brain and seems to know my wants and needs before I express them.

It’s time to be who I was meant to be, get what I want, what I need, and forget what society thinks. I’m going to let Gregor take me on a journey of self-discovery to places most are unwilling to go. We all have a public life, a private life, and a secret life… He would be mine.

He was my safe place.
He was my secret escape.
He was my Sir.
He was My Secret Submission.

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J.M. Witt

Residing in Metro Detroit, International Bestselling Author J. M. started writing poetry and short stories as a young girl. Rediscovering her love of reading, after having her fourth child, she started writing again. She also works full time as an Office Manager for a large landscaping company.

Letting Go, her first publication, was released in December 2013 and My Secret Submission, her 9th, was published in May 2016.

She enjoys music, time with friends, sarcasm, concerts, spending time with her children and husband, traveling, and getting lost in a good book.

And if you ask nicely, she might show you her flogger and let you sample it.

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